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Gene Krupa

Gene Krupa is one of the drummers my dad introduced me to at the tender age of 6.

His amazing talent and zeal for the drums made him a house hold name.

Whether it be in a trio, Quartet or big band Gene would stand out against all the big names of Jazz.

Genes solos were legendary and later in life his Drum Battles with Buddy Rich were a must get on Vinyl and CD. Buddy sited Gene as the best drummer in the world ever as did Gene to Buddy.

Fave songs are Drummin Man……………………………………….

Also the Book ……The World of Gene Krupa: The Legendary Drummin' Man is a collection of press clippings about his live and an interesting read.

Buddy Rich

Buddy started playing on vaudeville at the age of 18 months as traps the drum wonder.

Hi career takes in the biggest names of Jazz as well as his work with Frank Sinatra.

Hi could be brash and dint suffer fools gladly but could be great fun and inspiration to his band mates.

His version of West side Story and Channel one suit are must watch on DVD,s but his  early work is an education to listen too with his one handed roll being the stuff of legends.

The book Traps the drum Wonder is a fantast trip through the highs and lows of Buddy life  

and an enthralling read.

p.s. I have read it about 5 times

Stuart Copland

Has (imo) had the most influence on my playing. His use of off beats, Cross stick and HH Patterns is just inspiring and his constantly change rhythms for Verse to Verse is fun to play as well as listen to.

He can Jump from Manic songs like Peanuts to the more sedate bring on the night.

His work ethic is second to none as shows with his work with The Police, Stage Shows, Film and Opera etc.

Without Stuart on the drums the Police would never been as successful as they are.


Stand out tunes for me Regatta de blank, Driven to tears, Bring on the night and the Equalizer theme from the TV show.

In 2012 He has been back out on Tour with Stanley Clark

Dave Weckl

I came across Dave Weckl on the outrageously good first electric band album.

This phenomenal drummer basically rewrote the drumming book and created a whole new way of playing the drums.

His use of Simmons and lin drum mix simultaneously with his acoustic kit was just ore inspiring.

Dave has a knack of playing loads of notes without cluttering or interfering the tune he is playing.

The stands out songs are Rumble and got a match which on DVD are a joy to watch.

His solo Albums Master Plan and Heads up should be on every drummer’s shelf. Tunes like Garden Wall and Tower of Inspiration just want to make you get behind your kit and play, and of interest is Trigger Happy which is all drums and triggered samples just amazing.


Cedric Sharply

Was better known for his drumming for Gary Numan From 1978-1993. His use of basic solid beats with the occasional fill made the machine feel of Numans music more Human. Which was no mean feat when using the old analog sequencers and synths?

From early on he used Electronics and acoustic drums married together using early Simmons drums and syn drums with his tama.

He’s is sited as being one of the Godfathers of hip hope as his rhythm were used by the likes of Bambaataa for backing tracks.

He was also the drummer on Visage’s Fade to Grey.

Fave songs I die you die, Tracks, Observer, Berserker by Numan and Turn, The Shame and Ex Luna by Dramatis.

Cedric died just before the release of the 2nd Dramatis cd.

So I have cash in pocked and ready to buy.

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