Thunder Drum

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Electronic or Acoustic

There has been an argument about this since the Syn and space drums of the 70’s.

They (imo) both have good and bad points.

With Acoustic drums you get Better feel you can play anywhere easy to set up you don’t have to sit there programing the sounds and you don’t need a PA or plug socket.

With Electronic You have the quality of sound and pitch there and control the volume at the same time. Silent practice with headphones, Takes up less Room to transport and on stage and with the Percussion pads added to your kit for £200 you have a world of percussion that you just couldn’t  afford or carry about .

As you probably know I now use an Alesis DM5 with a Simmonds SDMP1 percussion pad as my kit.

But I still use acoustic percussion such as a Darbuka, UDU drum, Frame Drum, Bongs, Marimba, Boom Whackers, Thunder drums and  various hand drums, triangles, shakers etc.

And I will never get rid of my Slingerland  snare.

So for me im Happy with Both or ether so ill let everyone else get on and argue it out and ill just get on with playing.




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